Not all that glitters is gold

Choosing a 'good' driving instructor can be a bit of a lottery. Type (driving lessons Southampton) into a search engine and you will see what I mean. Bet you don't go further than the first half dozen pages. Do these pages contain the best instructors or the best web design? Take a look at some of these websites, some will be simple and to the point, others will be more elaborate and make claims about being the best and fastest growing driving school in the area (They can't all be, can they?)

The fact is some of these driving instructors will be good, and some not so good.


You get what you pay for

Unlike the price of the theory and practical driving tests, the price of lessons are not standard and set. In fact prices can range from about £20.00 per hour to £30.00 per hour.

Why is this? Do the cheaper lessons represent a cheaper service and will you end up paying more in the long run? Or does this driving school have lower overheads and so can charge less? Do the more expensive lessons represent a better service or are you paying for their overheads? The fact is, you don't know!

As stated earlier, the vast majority of driving instructors are self employed and it is their responsibility, as individuals, to maintain and improve the standard of tuition that they give.


Choosing a driving instructor

Let us suppose for a moment that you wanted to play a musical instrument. How would you choose a teacher? You could go to see them play, but would that tell you how well they could teach or just how well they could play? Wouldn't it be better to see how well the teacher's pupils could play and ask them what their learning experience was like? If the experience was good, they will be eager to tell you. Choosing a driving instructor is the same.

Ask friends and family if they, or their friends have had driving lessons recently and if it was a good experience. They will be keen to recommend that driving instructor if it was. When you then book the lesson, ask for that driving instructor by name.


Good luck in your search and remember safe driving is not just for the test, but for life.